A2 Match Report

DWB reports:

One and done in the finals as The Magoos went down swinging 7-5 against Dandenong.

Three straight singles from David Johnson, My Favourite Player™ & Adam Leech in the top of the first notched a run and gave us an early lead, but two runs from Dandenong in the bottom of the dig on a 2 out 2 strike 2 RBI double had us playing catch up for the remainder of the game.

Jack Ogilvie started on the hill and while not at his absolute best, he battled hard. Credit to Dandy for capitalizing on every mistake and making it count on the scoreboard. Eventually pushing the score out to 6-1 after 4 digs. Jack was relieved by Chris Neilson for the 5th who pitched two innings allowing 1 further run.

With time for one final chance at bat the mantra of “don’t die quietly” came to fruition as Chelt batted right through the line up. The inning featured singles to Riki Preston & My Favourite Player™, a couple hardnosed walks from some Nameless Ghouls and a big time RBI double off the bench from Tom Ogilvie which had us within a whisker. 4 runs were in and this heralded a pitching change which produced a ground out to end the game with the tying run in scoring position.

The major downside of the performance would have to be the number of runners we lost on base. With the likes of My Favourite Player™ slip n’ sliding half way to home plate and getting caught in a rundown, Luke Ashen running into a ground ball like Happy Gilmore preparing for hockey season and Leech & Heinrichs converging on the same base in a scene that probably should have been accompanied by Pachelbel’s Canon (oh that is an elitist reference for the ages right there!) we squandered quite a few scoring opportunities throughout the game.

Thus endeth the season. But of course, it is not the end of the story, merely a fitting place to stop its telling. Because all true stories, if continued far enough, end in death.

So think about that and have a nice day!


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