New Players & Returning Players

All new players will need to complete a Baseball Victoria Registration form (see 1st link below).

Players, who have previously been registered with another baseball club, must apply for a clearance from that club by completing Section 4 of the BV registration-clearance form (2nd form).

Note: You also need to register with Cheltenham every season; summer (3rd linked form) and winter (5th and / or 6th linked forms) as part of our internal processes.

Summer baseball:

Summer Baseball Victoria Player Registration form

Summer Baseball Victoria Registration-Clearance form

Summer 2013-14 Cheltenham Senior and Junior Registration form



Winter baseball:

Winter DBA Registration form

Winter DBA Clearance form

Winter Cheltenham Senior Registration form

Winter Cheltenham Junior Registration form



Registration with Baseball Victoria entitles you to insurance cover under The Australian Baseball Federation Inc. National Insurance Program.

This program provides for Capital Benefits only. The program does not provide any cover for loss of income or reimbursement of medical expenses.