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This page contains general baseball information that you may find interesting (then again, maybe not!).

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Baseball information

Baseball Almanac – great page, excellent page; go to the links section on the front page; you can get lost for a long time in there going from link to link to link …

► Hall of Fame – Cooperstown website

Baseball Encyclopedia – good site with links to stacks of articles and baseball related Youtube clips

Baseball Lingo

Like any other sport baseball has its own language, like “johnson” for a home run or “two-bagger” for a double. If you want to learn it, here’s some more:

MLB Lingo page


Baseball Farming lingo page – a bit wordy but not bad

General Sites

Flintoff and Dunn’s Australian Baseball League site  – don’t let the busy front page put you off, it’s a great site about Aussie baseball

How baseball works – a great comprehensive site about all stuff baseball

Japan Ball – site about baseball in Japan; not an official NPB site but one put together by some Japan baseball freaks

Baseball basics – explanations of positions etc.

MLB basics page

► Basics on ‘How Baseball Works’ site

► US High School basics page