Bunnings BBQ Volunteer Thanks

Yesterday the club hosted a Bunnings BBQ at Mentone, raising funds which will go back into the running of our club.

Many thanks to all who volunteered their time and braved the lousy weather to help out on the day.

The Dawn Patrollers and breakfast club… Peter L, Allan and Brad for their early start in helping set up and Karen and Rowena for helping with the early shift. (thanks Karen for the coffee)

The Morning tea crew… Brent, Pia, Barb and Josie for holding the fort till lunch time

The Lunch gang ….Peter A, Andrew G, Lou and Russell for managing the lunch time rush

The afternoon shift and clean-up crew…Jerry, Tessa, Denise, Damon (amazing clean up job – thanks) and Judy the minister for finance for sorting out the cash.

And not to forget …The pack up crew… Ferg and Peter L for the transport detail.

It was great to have you all on board.

The club thanks you.