Match Reports – 05-08/10/2018


John Ferguson reports

The Master Rustlers opened their season with a 2-1 win over Ormond Glen Huntly with steady pitching, solid defence and some great outfield work.

OGH scored the first run on the game in the bottom of the first innings on 3 hits including a double by Clayton Cramari and looked to be on track for a big innings until Tony Kouch run down a towering drive along the left field line. With runners on the corners Big Dog Ashen steadied and closed out the innings with a strikeout and a ground ball.

Big Dog lead off the top of the second with a walk and Kouch managed to get hit by a slow blooper. Rob Hind found his wheels to beat out an infield single to load the bases and Brent Dunkley put up a good at bat, working the pitcher to a full count before drawing a walk to force over the tying run.

Rookie Peter Flaski slashed a drive into left field to lead off the top of the third and Joey Tucker and Adam Leech both singled to centre field to load the bases.
Hiddlestone drove in the go ahead run with a ground ball to short stop.

With the light fading fast, Darren Hiddlestone relieved Ashen on the mound in the bottom of the third to shut down OGH for the rest of the game.

Safe Hits: J. Tucker 1, A Leech 1, R Ashen Double, R. Hind 1, P Flaski 1.

Pitching: R. Ashen 2 inns, 4H, 2K, 1 ER. D Hiddlestone, 3 inns, 1H, 3K 2 BB,