Thanks to All the Volunteers

Dear members,

The committee would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out at our Bunnings Community BBQ last Saturday.

They include Jack Ogilvie, Andrea Cormick, Barb Dooley, Craig Sexton, Karen and Jack Dunn, Nerida Parsons, Vikki Octigan, Rick and James Radford, Sharon Tapner, Kellie and Ben Fierenzi, Jason Ferriggi, Vilma Vasquez-Ferriggi, Rod and Margot Hind and John Boardman.

It was hard work but I hope you all had a bit of fun and made some new friends from the club.

It was great to have people from different sections of the club from our newest Tee Ball parents, junior players and parents, senior players and parents and our master’s families helping out.

Not to forget our regular volunteers and helpers… Brad Lark, John Ferguson, Al Gribbin for helping set up and getting things started, Canteen Kathy Daniels for keeping up our supplies, Judy Williams (the minister of finance!) And for Peter Leslie for the clean-up help.

A special thank you also to the women’s team who although were not available to volunteer due to their games being played came down at the end of the day to support the club.

The efforts of these fabulous volunteers helped raise funds that will go back into the club to help improve and maintain our clubs facilities.

I am hopeful that we will get more opportunities to run these types of fund raising events and I encourage all club members to get involved…I am sure you will find the experience very rewarding!

Apologies for shifts I do not have photos for….there is a good reason for that as they were the shifts we were just too busy to take time to photograph.

Many thanks and regards