Vale Anne Hall

Those of us who were lucky enough to have had Anne Hall touch our lives are deeply saddened to hear of her passing.

Anne was introduced to us at the Baseball Club as the sweet girlfriend of, now Life Member, Lawrie who started with the Club in the 1960’s, and she was soon a regular. She was an energetic supporter of the Club, and her optimism, strength of character and love of life were evident from that early time. Anne was often there, managing their young family, while trying to get Lawrie a base hit. As the girls grew up she became actively involved in their sport of Calisthenics, but still managed to juggle her time in support of Lawrie and son Jarrod as he began his career with the Club. Anne was a perennial at the social functions and presentation nights of the Club.

Those who played alongside Lawrie will miss Anne’s gentle chiding of him and his eternal response: “Yes, dear”, and all those who have met her will miss her warmth and her true heart.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Lawrie, Rhiannon, Melissa, Jarrod, Brad, Aaron, Claire, Harley, Blaise, and Remi.