Under 15s Winter Baseball

The Winter Junior Coordinator is Sally Hiddlestone

Nicole can be contacted on: sallyhiddles@bigpond.com


2016 Team details

Cheltenham Blue Coach:

Cheltenham White Coach:

2015 Team details


Cheltenham Blue Coach: Ron Carothers

Cheltenham White Coach: Antony Harrowell

Training: Thursdays 4.30pm until dark.



Blue                                      White    

Declan Croker Austin Rosenthal
Mack Turley Fraser Hiddlestone
Ben Fierenzi Jack Rice
Luke Ashen Thomas Ogilvie
Jake Harrowell James Caple
Dante Caruso Andrew Vacouftsis
Darcey Trewarn Josh Ashen
Shelby Roberts Nathan Spragg
Kosuke Yunoki Keiran Moran
Cam Zimmerman Keely MeKeown


2014 season

U15s White and Blue

Each week a list of the team selections will go out for that weekend’s game.

Coaches: Blue team Dan Ward-Bourton and Adam Leech and White team is Anthony Harrowell

Training: All players train Tuesday night 4.30pm until 6.30pm.



Cruize Leech

Kyle Clarke

Ben Fierenzi

Dylan Buhrmann

Declan Croker

Will Tucker

Kaito Aono

Archer Hall

Luke Ashen

Shelby McKeown

Bailey Cotsis

Fraser Hiddlestone

Jack Rice

Jake Harrowell

Joshua Smith

Lachlan Howell

Oliver Bowley

Tausei Niboshi

Zac Peeler

Charlie Montgomery

Thomas Ogilvie



2013 season

The 2013 Winter Junior Coordinator is Nicole Croker.

Nicole can be contacted on: n.croker@bigpond.net.au

Age eligibility: A player is eligible to take part of any match in the respective age groupings, provided that they are under the age of 13, 15, 17 on the 1st August of the year of Competition. (DBA Junior Competition Rules)

> Click here to read DBA Junior Rules


2013 teams

Coach: Dan Ward-Bourton Coach: Adam Leech
Cruiz Leech Josh Smith
Jake Pocock Kyle Clarke
Michael Moore Bailey Cotsis
Angus Octigan Ben Fierenzi
Matt Holland Sam Doree
Ryan Crook Dylan Buhrmann
Ryan Taranto Martin Duncan
Tyler Brodie Shelby McKeown
Archer Hall Jackson Hoult
Gianni Caruso
Ryuto Nashiro


2012 teams

Coach: Dave Stenhouse Coach: Daniel Ward-Bourton
Home Umpire: Lee Bailey Home Umpire: Gavin Daniels
Scorer:  Sara Caruso Scorer: Peter Leslie
Team: Team:
Daniel Bailey Lucas Anderson
Henry Beven Matthew Cameron
Gianni Caruso Jack Daniels
Preston Coombes Michael Leslie
Blake Cumming Shannon Sanntura
Matthew McKenna Matthew Stenhouse
Angus Octigan Jack Dunn
Jake Pocock Ryan Taranto
Peter Vacouftsis Max Thompson
Toby Larter Logan Tuki-Jones