Weekend Results & Match Reports – 04/08/2018

A1 vs Boneo 10-1  Win

Matt Blackmore Reports

Cheltenham had the pleasure of heading down the Frankston freeway again on Saturday as we headed to Boneo in a must win game to stay in touch with final 4.
Missing Jack Enciondo who has departed on a family holiday and Dante Caruso pulling out an hour before the start of play had us wondering how competitive can we be.

Max Barrett squashed any of those worries with an outstanding performance on a freezing day throwing 100 pitches and getting through 7 quality innings.

Veteran arm Daniel Ward Bourton closed out the game with minimal fuss and I know the boys were appreciative of this as there was literally no body else.

The stand out for the day though was Koji Campitelli who was a hitting machine collecting 5 hits from his first 5 at bats and unfortunately was HBP in his 6th at bat.
The team was glad to have you back mate after a 2 week stint on the sidelines.

Honourable mentions to Josh Ashen picking up his first 2 hits in the A grade team and to Brandon Stenhouse once again setting the tone for the team.

Please remember the horse racing night this Saturday

A2 vs Boneo 26-0 Win

DWB Reports

The Magoos unleashed a cavalry charge of destruction down at Boneo and got a nice percentage boost to the tune of 26-0. Surely the worse massacre to be perpetrated on the Braves this side of Wounded Knee.

Strong pitching from Jack Ogilvie (3IP) and Josh Ashen (2IP) kept the opposition quiet, and we were flawless in defense this week, although, we didn’t have a ton to do. Great to have Tom Seddon back behind the dish.

The real story of the day was obviously on the other side of the ball and the prodigious offensive display we put on. Impossible to note it all. Jack Ogilvie roasted 3 doubles, one of them getting as close to the cones as anything hit all day (and that field was playing larger than the Lake Pine Indian Reservation I swear.)

The C1’s will be happy to hear that Leigh Heinrichs is really getting his Grind back, scalping 2 doubles of his own. They may not see him again at this rate. Leechy also picked up a double and a single. Did everyone get a hit? I think so.

Only thing left to do now is dig a mass grave, pretend they started it and give each other medals.

C1 vs Chelsea 7-7 Draw

Brad Heenan Reports

The C1’s took on second placed Chelsea at home this week, needing a win to seal our place in the 4 with 2 games remaining after this one.

Brad Heenan took to the mound in a long awaited return and was OK on return but with too many walks, he handed the ball to Adrian (GUS) Feilden, who was great through the remainder of the game.

On the hitting side of things the ever young at heart David Johnson went 4-4 for the day with a double and 3 singles, 2 hits to the sick Darren Hiddlestone and singles to Sean Dunne and Frazer Hiddlestone.

The game ended in a 7 all draw and that point will be handy in weeks following, but Chelt were not without chances with loaded bases and none out followed by 2 fly outs and a ground out, really should of put some scoreboard pressure on……

This week we make the trek to Pakenham and hopefully come back with a BIG W.

C2 vs Chelsea 4-16 Loss

Under 12 vs Frankston/Dandenong 6-3 Win

Under 14 vs Boneo 21-0  Win

Ronnie Carothers Reports

It really wasn’t a match as we scored 7 runs in every inning to run out winners 21-0. There is only one more regular season game before finals and I think we definitely need tougher games!

All of our pitchers had work on the mound in preparation for the finals. Lachie Stevens started on the mound and performed well with very good location and pace. Kyle Yong and Mason also pitched well and got more time to lock in on their location and pitching to contact with plenty of strikes.

Nathan Yong had a good day with the bat with 2 doubles and a single and scored 2 runs. Lachie Steven also had 3 hits including 3 singles and 3 runs scored.

Mason Haimona continues to swing a hot bat with a line drive 3-run home run to right field and also scored 2 runs.

Kyle Yong – single, 2 runs scored, 3 strike outs
Dylan Hind – double, 3 runs scored
Ryan Langworthy – double, 3 runs scored
Lachie Stevens – 2 singles, 3 runs scored, 6 strike outs
Thomas Yuile – single, 3 runs scored
Nathan Yong – 2 doubles, single, 2 runs scored, 2 RBI’S
Mason Haimona – Home Run, 3 RBI’s, 3 strike outs
Zac Dunkley – single, run scored

Players of The day
Zac Dunkley – almost stretching out a double hit to right centre
Mason Haimona – 3 run Home Run, 3 RBI’s
Nathan Yong – 2 doubles, single, 3 RBI’s

Under 16 vs Boneo 23-0 Win

Max Barrett Reports

The U16’s squared off against Boneo this week down in Rosebud on what turned out to be a beautiful morning. With only two games to go and finals we knew it was important to finish the season strong and take care of business, therefore James Radford took the mound and fired a couple of shutout innings before handing it over to our secret weapon Cooper Hiddlestone who again held Boneo scoreless. Finally, Flynn made his debut on the mound and closed out the final innings of the game without an issues.

The combined shutout was matched with an impressive 23 runs showing the rest of the competition that the Chelt U16 bats are hot, putting up big numbers in the past two weeks. Something we hope to carry through our finals campaign. Josh Ashen had a great day in the lead off spot, Kellan Hill continues to smash the ball and Ruby Dale was also good at the plate.

We take on Bonbeach this week at Chelt in a must win game to shape the top 4!

Hope to see you down there this Saturday.

Under 18 vs Frankston 3-11 Loss