Weekend Results & Match Reports – 05/05/2018

A1 vs Berwick 7-10 Loss

Matt Blackmore Reports

The A1’s travelled to Berwick missing 5 of the starting 9 which hurts any team trying to come away with a W.

With 5 new players and 1 new debutant in the starting line up we played with an intensity that impressed the coaching staff as well as the small supporter base at Berwick.
Max and Jack threw well considering they are both working into some pitching form.
Some timely hitting by Berwick in certain situations had us on the back foot most of the game but to the credit of the players they never gave up!
Impressive hitting from the lead off through to the 9 hole gave the boys confidence and it showed with some good team at bats late in the game.
Luke Ashen smacked the ball around in what was a very impressive first outing in the A1’s with 3 hits.
Matt McKenna filled a gap for us behind the dish and did a job that I knew he could do for the team.Matt continues to get better with each game and he’s bat is heating up as he matures and in saying that hit his first triple of his career.
The boys competed hard and eventually went down 10/7 but we know we have some work to do on the hill in minimizing our mistakes and working hard on getting our ball to strike ratio down.
Some missed signals and a couple of misread fly balls hurt our momentum but they are things we can definitely improve on.
The senior guys have a belief this year and it’s starting to catch on with the seconds players, be prepared at any time this year as you will get a called upon to suit up and play a role in the ones.

A2 vs Berwick 4-5 Loss

DWB Reports

Before I start let me say a big thank you to all the people who stepped up and helped us out this weekend filling our sides. With 16 unavailables all up by my count it was a minor miracle we got 4 sides on the park, yet alone be able to field competitive teams. But we did. So kudos to all.

Even with a host of debutantes, the Magoos were more than competitive and in fact left this one feeling like the it was ours to win but for the absence of a rabbit’s foot. 

Getting the start on the hill was Josh Ashen who did Yeoman’s work through 3 innings but unfortunately didn’t get the backing from the knaves in the field that he required. He allowed 2 unearned runs in the 3rd inning before getting into a jam and giving up another 2 runs in the 4th.

At this point the heralds sounded for the return of a knight of virtue true as Declan Croker returned from his no doubt dragon slaying related quest to take to the mound and joust us out of trouble, which he managed but for the cost of an inherited runner. While his blade was not as sharp as I’m sure he would have liked, if nothing else the outing will shake the rust off his helm. He pitched the final two innings scoreless.

On the other side of the ball we hit consistently, and threatened to score in most digs. A couple of shocking calls that failed to uphold the King’s justice besmirched our honour and cost us a run or two, while we admittedly failed to execute in a key situation here and there.

Carrying the banner for the cavalry again was Declan Croker with a big double. He was joined in the chivalric charge by Adam Leech and his pair of (infield) singles while rounding out the cavalry were hits from David Johnson, Ricky Preston and Tom Ogilvie. Leigh Heinrichs also singled, but also managed to get beaned by ball four. Every court needs its Jester. 

C1 vs Mornington 7-4 Win

Brad Heenan Reports

The C1’s hosted Mornington on Saturday, was a glorious day for baseball.

With the C1 only having 5 some phone calls were needed, Brad Lark, Adrian Fielden,Max Phillips and Jake Harrowell  all came through in a big way.

And of course Gus (Adrian) got the start throwing the whole game giving up only 4 whilst Jake caught the whole game, great stuff.

Thanks to Fraser for umpiring and Mornington for a good game of baseball with Chelt walking away with a 7-4 win

Now brings us 2-2 for the year sitting in 4th place!!

C2 vs Mornington 0-21 Loss

Under 18 vs Bonbeach 5-6 Loss

Damon Pettit Reports

This week the U18s traveled down to road to Bonbeach. With only 8 players and a semi operable Frazer Hiddlestone, we knew this game would be a little harder. James Radford came up from the U16s and started on the mound. He threw the bulk of his pitch count keeping the game close and having a great day. We hit the ball and earned a few runs while in the field we struggled with one less outfielder and a couple of errors. Luke Ashen came in to pitch the remainder of the game. We managed to stay in it till the last innings going down 5-6.

Great job to our starting pitcher James Radford, left-centre fielder Lucas Confaloniari for chasing after everything in the outfield and Frazer Hiddlestone for catching a fly ball with a left handers fielding glove and then throwing the ball in before any runner could tag up and score.

Under 16 vs Berwick 11-3 Win

Koji Campitelli Reports

The under 16s travelled up to Berwick and were able to walk away with a comfortable win. Although having a few players missing, we were able to put together a good team win. A nice diving play by Josh Ashen, 3 hits to Tom Seddon and an inside the park home run from Brad Earle were the standouts for the game.

Under 14 vs Bye

Under 12 vs Mornington 9-1 Win