Weekend Results & Match Reports – 11/08/2018

A1 vs Bonbeach 3-0 Win

A2 vs Bonbeach 19-4 Win

DWB Reports

The Magoos picked up only 6 hits, but capitalized on wayward pitching and defensive lapses to rack up 19 runs even in a rain shortened game.

Through the murky haze of my flu-filled memory I can make out only 2 clear shapes. That of “Double Dutch” Stu Holland going 3 for 3 in a welcome return to the field and then that of Leigh Heinrichs blasting an attempted homicide line drive past the whiskers of Adam Leech on a hit and run.

Jack Ogilvie almost got ka-ching’d over the fence, but apart from that, put in another strong performance on the hill. Allowing only 2 earned runs for the game.

A couple of weeks of padding the stats and adding to the run percentage behind us. We now look onto next week and the Dandy showdown to decide who is finishing 2nd.

C1 vs Pakenham 2-7 Loss

C2 vs Pakenham 4-5 Loss

Under 12 vs Pakenham Washout

Under 14 vs Bonbeach/Chelsea Washout

Under 16 vs Bonbeach Washout

Under 18 vs Dandenong Washout