Weekend Results & Match Reports – 14/07/2018

A1 vs Dingley 1-5 Loss

Dingley v Cheltenham lived up to the hype of 2 good young teams vying for local bragging rights.
In what was a tight contest the whole way through we unfortunately came up short in a pitchers duel between jack and Wilcox.

A tiring Jack after throwing he’s heart out walked a couple and loaded them up.
A flip of the coin to let him attack 1 more hitter didn’t pan out and unfortunately had us giving up a 4 spot to have us trailing 5/1.

The score stayed the same when the game finished and had us wondering how a other babe can get away from us.
Max Barrrett finished the game off with little fuss.

Our timely hitting has just not been there this year, needing multiple hits in innings to be competitive is something we know we need to work on.

A2 vs Dingley 2-10 Loss

DWB Reports

Rough day at the office for the Magoos as they took the L in a top of the table clash out at Dingley.

Faced with the opposition rolling out a 1s pitcher against us, runs were always going to be hard to come by, and that it is certainly how it eventuated as we racked up a whole bunch of strike outs over 8 inmings. 16 in total showing just how over matched we were and never really challenged the scorers untill the opposition starter took a seat. We avoided a mercy rule loss by adding 2 runs in the 7th off the reliver.

Josh Ashen continues his form with the stick in the lead off spot picking up a hit and having 4 quality at bats. Alex Marshall looking much more comfortable againt some fast pitching than he has again the junk and Adam Leech went 0 for 4 with 4Ks which I thought you would all like to know.

Jack Ogilvie gave up all 10 runs, LOL. Took some flak from the middle of the order but pitched well to the other guys and again didn’t get enough support from the field when it counted.

My Favourite Player and Shelby Roberts both threw a scoreless inning in relief.

C1 vs Boneo 18-3 Win

Brad Heenan Reports

The C1s took on Boneo, at Farm Road on a sunny and warm Sat afternoon, there isn’t much to report in this game, in an 18-3 win.

Having our strongest team of the year…. so far, against cellar dwellers Boneo. 😞

Josh Tribe got the start and proved he was untouchable with the Boneo batters not recording a hit in his (having a guess) 4 innings work.

Reliving him was the capable James Radford who would come in and slam the door shut to complete the game.

On the batting side:

3 Hits Leigh Heinricks showing he still has something to offer in games where it didn’t mean much 😊
2 Hits Fraser Hiddlestone, Sean Dunne and James Radford

1 Hit Darren Hiddlestone and Josh Tribe.

Great game by all, next week is the one we need to win against Bonbeach at there home, where the last game proved a Chelt convincing win, with plenty of fire in it!!

C2 vs Berwick 7-13 Loss

Under 12 vs Boneo 15-1 wIN

Under 14 vs Dingley Gold 16-2 Win

Facing another forfeit for the second week in a row, Lachlan Stevens came to the rescue after 9am after we had played an inning and what a saviour he was. On the verge of losing the game by forfeit wouldn’t have been fair to the boys that showed up to play. Two weeks ago we had to wake up Matthew Fielden, an Under 12 player to fill in and this week we had to make a desperate call to Lachlan Stevens, again, in bed and had possibly other plans for the day!
Playing with eight players again for the second week in a row didn’t stop us as we put together a strong aggressive offense, backed by some pretty strong pitching from Mason Haimona, to beat Dingley Gold 16-2.
Nic Volpe, fresh back from the US, led the team with 4 hits including 3 singles and a double and scored 3 runs. Thomas Yuile chipped in with two doubles and two RBI’S and Lachy Stevens singled and scored 3 times.

Mason Haimona continues to be consistent with the bat and on the mound as he went 2-2 with a single and a double with 3 runs scored while striking out 6 batters!

Lachlan Stevens – single, RBI, 3 runs scored
Nic Volpe – 3 singles, double, 3 runs scored
Zac Dunkley – single, 3 runs scored
Thomas Yuile – 2 doubles, 2 RBI’S, 2 Runs scored
Mason Haimona – single, double, 3 runs scored

Under 16 vs Dingley 2-2 Draw

Koji Campitelli Reports

It was a hard fought game on Saturday morning, facing a strong Dingley side. A great pitching dual between the two sides ended up resulting in a low scoring draw. Josh Ashen started, throwing 4 solid innings, then Brad Earle took the hill. The two gave the team team a solid performance, holding the opposition to 2 runs. Unfortunately after scoring two early runs, the bats cooled off. A clutch back hand catch by Sam Kesces in center was also a pivital moment which ended the game, and kept the winning run from a possible multi base hit.