Weekend Results & Match Reports – 28/07/2018

A1 vs Frankston 3-1  Win

Matt Blackmore Reports

Jack “ plugger “ Enciondo was a machine for his team on Saturday in a must win game for the A1’s against second placed Frankston.
Jack threw a complete game 1 run masterpiece in what was some of his best stuff we’ve seen in a couple of years.
He had Frankston in the palm of his hand the whole day avoiding trouble in a couple of innings with some solid defence behind him but Jack was by far the standout performer.

I can’t say much for the bats though as we racked up a season high 15 strike outs. Yes you read correctly, FIFTEEN punchies and still walked away with the chocolates.
Plenty of improvement still in this young group who still in the hunt for a finals berth.
Honourable mentions to Mac Turley and Brandon Stenhouse scoring 3 of the 5 runs.

Another must win game against Boneo who we owe one for the draw we had earlier in the year.
Go Rustlers

A2 vs Frankston 5-3  Win

DWB Reports

The Magoo’s shored up their finals position with a neat and tidy 5-3 win against 4th place Frankston.

With both teams struggling to rack up the hits, it was a game of manufactured runs back and forth. That’s a hard type of game to make sound truly exciting on paper. So I may as well just talk about myself.

Pitching was handled by My Favorite Player(tm) over 5 innings for 2 runs (1 Earned). Such is his starpower he now has fans flying out from the province of Britannia, just to watch him play. With this in mind he then wussed out and let someone else come on to close the game out in the 6th. Someone else in this instance being Jack Ogilvie, who shut the door.

Ricky Preston was the the only real highlight maker, getting back to the type of performance we expect from him. Slashing line drives, stealing bases and scoring 3 runs. While also providing the games only memorable hit with a scorched gapper that turned into a triple leading off the top of the 6th. Then scoring on a ball in the dirt that only ended up about 6 feet from home plate. Great stuff. He just might earn back his lead off spot if he keeps this up.

While not a performance that will provide a lot of material for the last 5 minutes of Sportcenter, it was good, clean, tough baseball and just what we need heading towards finals.

C1 vs Dingley 1-16 Loss

Brad Heenan Reports

The C1s took on ladder leaders Dingley on Sat, and was for all to see why they are on top.

With some excellent pitching by them (best we have seen) an hitting to all parts of the field we went down 16-1!

On the plus side Josh Tribe put in yet another great pitching performance with the field not helping him out early on, and the bats not working, except for Leigh Heinrichs almost sending one out. It was about 3 meters short on a large diamond, on the second ground at Dingley.

In relief was Rhys Fairweather who threw well with, what I thought was some great pitches that didn’t get called, and thus didn’t quite go his way.

David Johnson was great all day behind the dish

This week we are host to second placed Chelsea in a must win game for the C1s.

C2 vs Dingley 6-14 Loss

Damon Pettit Reports

We headed down the road this week to play a veteran Dingley C2 side. With player lists short this week across all senior teams, we called on Barb Dooley, Sue Leslie and junior Blake Dunkley to come down for a game.

Although Rus Ashen managed to pick a walk, we went scoreless in the first inning giving up three outs from our first four batters including 2 strikeouts. In defence Michael Hill was our starting pitcher. He got hit around a bit and Dingley scored the maximum 7 runs for the inning. In our second, 3 up 3 down from another 3 strikeouts meant we were again hangin’ a zero. We brought in Barb Dooley to pitch the remainder of the game and Dingley again came out hitting, adding another 4.

Brent Dunkley and Damon Pettit both got on base from fielding errors in the third but it wasn’t enough, Chelt still left scoreless. Solid infield work from Dan Brown at third and a caught flyball from Ant Harrowell at short kept Dingley to just 1 run. After 3 innings it was 12-nil Dingley’s way.

We started to use the bat and find our way in the fourth. 5 hits, 2 errors and an HPB gave us 6 runs, the only runs we’d score for the game. We kept Dingley to adding just 2 runs thanks to an awesome double play.

With runners on first and second, a ground ball hit to third base is thrown to second for the first out. We try to complete the double play by then throwing the ball to first. The runner at first is safe but the runner from second has now rounded third is trying to score. A quick-thinking Rus Ashen at first has gunned the ball home where catcher Damon Pettit waiting with hands in the air has tagged the runner at the plate for the second out. The great situational awareness of the Chelt C2 infield was also aided by the fact that the runner tripped over half way down the third base line and fell over again trying to scurry to the plate. Ah well, I guess we’ll take any highlight we can get!

We went done 6-14 but in a fun game with an enjoyable opposition side. Thanks to Barb Dooley, Sue Leslie and Blake Dunkley for coming down and filling in.

Hits: Singles to Damon Pettit, Russell Ashen, Blake Dunkley, Antony Harrowell and Barbara Dooley.

Under 14 vs Frankston 5-12 Loss

Ronnie Carothers Reports

We started the game off very well with aggressive base running and discipline batting to score 5 runs in the first inning against the league leaders to definitely put a dent in their armour but it wasn’t enough as Frankston settled and scored 7 runs, 6 unearned, to take the lead which we didn’t posed a threat for the rest of the game as we lost 12-5.

It was nice to see Ryan Langworthy back in action playing again and with the return of Dylan Hind from holiday and the acquisition of Lachie Stevens; we look very strong in preparations for the finals. With two regular season games remaining, players will place plenty of attention on polishing their skills at training this week.

Live pitching with pace in batting practise will be the focus at training this week in preparations for the finals for pitchers that throw faster.

Player of the Game
Lachie Stevens

Under 16 vs Frankston Red 10-2 Win

Max Barrett Reports

Firstly, I apologise for not putting in a match report for last weeks game! we drew 2-2 with Dingley

This Saturday the U16’s eyed off the top spot Frankston Red who had been belting teams all throughout the season, however the Rustlers had other ideas.

On a beautiful morning out in Frankston we took a liking to the Tomatoes starting pitcher and plated 4 runs in the first to jump ahead. Josh Ashen then took the ball and baring 1 or 2 unearned runs he was lights out against the best team in the league, throwing a complete game and capping off a 13-2 win. Josh was not alone out there as every ground ball and popup was gobbled up, with minimal errors and walks we played an extremely clean game of baseball.

This week we took an impressive approach to the plate, in an attempt to limit strikeouts the boys found a way to put the ball on the ground and put pressure on the defence. Sean Dunne did a great job of getting it done at the plate, driving in multiple runs throughout the game, as did Blake Holding who was clutch for the Rustlers. All 9 batters were patient at the plate and took their walks when they came and were able to drive balls when the Tomatoes slot them for us . If we take this approach at the plate to finals then I have no doubt that we can win this competition.

Thank you to Ryan Langworthy who came up from the U14’s and made some outstanding plays in the outfield. You’re a legend.

Next week we take on Boneo away! Hope to see some faces there for a very important game.

Under 18 vs Bonbeach 10-12 Loss

Damon Pettit Reports

At home this week as I again filled in to coach the Chelt Under 18 side against Bonbeach. Fielding a team with only 8 players doesn’t make it easy but the guys all put their hands up to take on all the pitching, catching and fielding roles and we put together a line-up.

Luke Ashen was chosen as the starting pitcher and threw the bulk of the game. He gave up several walks in the first and with a couple of wild throws, Bonbeach scored 3 runs. Chelt went straight to work scoring the maximum 7 runs from 3 hits, 6 walks and an HPB to Cade Johnston. The 7th run coming from a ground out from Cooper Hiddlestone.

In the second, after Cade made enormous ground to take an important fly ball at right-centre field, Bonbeach added another 4 runs from some solid middle line-up hitting while we went scoreless with only 4 at bats for the inning.

The third saw Bonbeach score another 5 runs and Frazer Hiddlestone took over the pitching duties, as Luke approached his maximum pitch count. Back-to-back doubles from Shelby Roberts and Michael Hill contributed to another 3 runs for Chelt and an intentional walk to Rhys Fairweather highlighted just how tight the game was. Bonbeach led 12 to 10.

Bonbeach went 3 up 3 down in the final inning but even a triple from Tom Ogilvie couldn’t add any further runs to the Chelt run chase. Bonbeach took the win. The Chelt guys did an excellent job with the bat and were awesome in defence even with only 8 fielders. Some unnecessary wild throws through frustration may have cost them the win.

Hits: Singles to Frazer Hiddlestone and Luke Ashen, a double to Michael Hill, a single and a triple to Tom Ogilvie and 2 singles and a double to Shelby Roberts.