Winter Committee 2016


This is your 2016 Winter Committee and people who fill other key roles around the club for this season.


Please ensure you give these people your help during the season; they do not do it all alone.


President: Patrick O’Neill 0430 297 264
Vice President: David Stenhouse 0414 481 740
Secretary: Trevor Clemens 0425 782 800
All Club Correspondence to –
Treasurer: Katrina Johnson 0418 990 546
Junior Coordinator: Sally Hiddlestone 0409 531 471
All Junior Correspondence to
Club Coach Matt Blackmore 0421 743 984
Committee Members
David Johnson
Ian Palmer
Leigh Heinrichs
Joanne Campbell
Mark Campbell
John Fairweather
Tony Preston
Antony Harrowell
Daniel Ward-Bourton
Club Coach:
Matt Blackmore
Bar Manager:
Antony Harrowell
Canteen Manager:
Katrina Johnson & volunteers
K2 Baseball Yoshi Nakamura
Leigh Heinrichs
Grounds Manager:
All Team Members